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I freakin

love this flash. This and super PSTW RPG. :D


And from reading everyone else's comments, is it weird that it kind of made sense to me?

jocki responds:

well yeah, because it's not supposed to...

Short but good.

And to speedio. Seriously. How many zombie movies are there? A bunch. Does that mean they're all ripping off of each other? A living snow man doesn't mean he ripped off of Frosty.

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This is legitimately just like playing Final Fantasy. The ridiculous amount of damage at the end cracked me up to no end. And based off of GoW? Hardly. Genius piece of work. :D

It's not a bad game, but...

It's ridiculously easy. I was in class when i started playing this, and once you have enough money, you can buy the laser turret, which killed just about everything. When you get far enough to where it won't kill everything, you have enough money for about 5 more of them. It's not a bad game in essence, but the difficulty just didn't scale well... or at all. So it got boring. Sorry.


Is incredibly stupid. It's like it's made for 3 year old girls...

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Decent work. My only real complaint is in the intro and the theme that starts at :55 seconds in. Although the melodies are just fine, you're only filling two layers of sound space. Fill out those chords with some heavy bass instruments of even some mid range instruments, or if you only wish to have the upper space playing, it still needs to be full of some notes that aren't just doubled. Hope that helps and as a piece of advice for the future, don't become too reliant on patterns in cinematic music. Good work though. Good luck!

SteveSyz responds:

thank you so much for the tips! I made this on garageband so im still experimenting with how music works lol. and yea i agree that the intro and the theme did seem a bit awkward lol. thanks again!

You are a brilliant composer, and this is no exception. I have always followed you and your work, and you have always inspired me. Keep up the good work.

There is little I can say in review of this piece with the exception of that it is beautiful.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank you for the kind words and the continued support. =)


You sir are a musical genius. This piece makes me want to cry, but in a good way. It's a "bittersweet end" sort of song. The voices and strings blend perfectly with the piano.

Plus, I have to say that you are incredible. I discovered you through the whole HoT thing, and as an aspiring composer, I want you to know that you have my utmost respect. Thank you for sharing your music with me and the rest of the world.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

You're absolutely very welcome, and I also want to thank you for the support. It really does keep me going in what I do, and I know a day will come when you'll know what I mean when I say that.

Thank you again. =)

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This is

incredibly brilliant work. It looks, although not 100% real, better than anything anyone else on this planet could make. May I make a suggestion towards future work? It would take a lot of time and money, but would be wonderful to see on newgrounds. Could you possibly make a whole Mario scene? I know it seems a huge undertaking, but I would love to see it, and I know others would too. At any rate, thank you for sharing your talent with us. It is much appreciated.

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